Japanese language school in Fukuoka[Aiwa Language School]

Japanese language school[Aiwa Language School]
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Aiwa Language School

(Shen Yang ,Liao Ning)
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The Aiwa School Campus
*Location of Aiwa Language School
 Our Japanese language school was established in 1988.
 The school is in Fukuoka City, Kyushu which is the south-western island of Japan. Fukuoka is known as "the gateway to Asia".
Japanese language school[Aiwa Language School]
In March, 2004
we had the 16th Graduation Ceremony of Aiwa Language School.
For past events. Click here.
Graduation Ceremony of Aiwa Language School Graduation Ceremony of Aiwa Language School

*School Buildings and Accommodation
We renovated our school building in 2002, to provide students with a more comfortable learning environment. Our classrooms are well-equipped with TV, video and air-conditioning.
Aiwa Language School classroom
You can relax here after classes, chat to your classmates or make new friends with students from other classes.
Aiwa Language School Lobby
Our student accommodation (small bedsit-style flats)is located near Aiwa Language School, for example, the nearest ones are 3?5 minutes on foot and the furthest about 15-20 minutes on foot (7-8 minutes by bicycle).
Each flat is the size of 6 "tatami mats" (1 mat is 90 x 180cms), and has a private bathroom and toilet.
Aiwa Language School Accommodation

*Access Map to Aiwa Language School

Japan,Fukuoka Access Map to Aiwa Language School
Our school is located in the East part of Fukuoka city. It takes 5 minutes on foot from JR Yoshizuka Station, and 5 minutes from Maidashi Kyudai-Byoin-Mae Subway Station.
Near our school, there are banks, a post office, Kyushu University Hospital, Fukuoka Prefectural Government Office, Fukuoka Prefectural Police Station, and Fukuoka Higashi Park, so it is in a very convenient location for our students. This is a popular student area so rents are moderate and the price of everyday goods is inexpensive.
Aiwa accommodation is located near the school.

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Japanese language school[Aiwa Language School]