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(Shen Yang ,Liao Ning)
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A Guide to Aiwa Language School
*Education Philosophy
Aiwa Language School was established in Fukuoka for students to learn Japanese as a foreign language efficiently and comprehensively in an atmosphere of mutual international understanding.
Our teaching method is based on the Communicative Approach, which means that we focus not only on learning language but also on the usage of language to promote individual development.
We understand that by not teaching in Japanese but by teaching Japanese as a theory, we can ensure that the language becomes firmly established during classes.
We aim to create an environment for learning communicative language effectively.
We had a school trip to Mount Aso, a live volcano in Kumamoto prefecture.

*Our Japanese Language Teachers
Teachers at Aiwa Language School have expert knowledge of Japanese language education.
They are very experienced and have all passed the Japanese language teaching competency test which is accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education.
All Aiwa teachers are able to adapt to the needs of individual learners based on their teaching philosophy.
learn japanese language learn japanese language

*Our Curriculum
Through our Japanese language curriculum, we aim to nurture people of talent, and enable them to participate actively in international society, not only by studying language in the classroom, but by participating in local community activities and study tours, which will further extend their knowledge.
地域との交流 クラス見学

*Aiwa Language School
Accredited by the Association for Promotion of Japanese Language Education
Address: Aiwa Building, 1-15-37 Maidashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-0054
Establishment of Aiwa Language School: October 1991
Number of teachers: 40 (10 full-time, 30 part-time)
Number of students: Maximum of 348
Number of books in our school library: 4580
Number of classrooms: 10 rooms
Size of the school 473m2
Shen Yang Overseas Office: No417 ,Shen YAng Xin Hua Jii Bld,Shi Fu Da Road 262 Hao, Shen He Qu, Shen YangCity,Liao Ning Pr
Da Lian Overseas Office: No.2501A, Da Lian Hong Yuan Da Sha You Xian Co, Ren Min Road 23 Hao Zhong Shan Qu,Da Lian City,Liao Ning Pr
Suzhou Office No.3110, JinHeGuoJi Bld , Shi Shan Road 35, Gao Xin Qu,
Su Zhou City,Jiang Su Pr

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