Aiwa Language Institute

Aiwa Language Institute


Continue for higher education in Japan or get a job in Japan

The main pathways that have been taken by students after graduating from Aiwa Institute of Foreign Languages are vary from continue for higher education likes Graduate School, University, Vocational School, etc., to get a job in Japan or back in their home countries.

In order to find out what the students need and they want to do for their future, we always conduct open communication with our students. We are able to give useful advice for our students, for their bright future.

Support service until graduation

Determine your own goal

At the beginning of first-year program, homeroom teachers will give regular counseling to students so that they can decide which course they want to take after graduation.

Course Consultation

Students are able to consult to their homeroom teacher to decide what they want to do even after their graduated from Aiwa Foreign Language School. You can get various useful advices from the teachers, such as how to choose a school and how to apply to the school.

Guidance and Briefing Sessions in Aiwa School

In Aiwa School, we regularly conduct a guidance and briefing session event that invites teacher from various universities and vocational schools to explain any information about their schools to our students and also about how to prepare for application for their schools.

Preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Examination for Japanese University (EJU), and others application documents

You have to take a Japanese ability test if you desire to enter a university or vocational school. You can submit an application for the Japanese test at Aiwa Foreign Language School. Our teachers and school staffs will gladly to support you if you do not understand how to write the application.

Seminar about formal suit and manner in interview

There are various rules and manner which has to be known before you take any of the school interview tests. Students will participate in a seminars and courses conducted by professionals to learn how to ensure that they do not fail in their interview tests.

Alumni Voices

Picture of the alumni

Cui Hanxi

From China

Aiwa Foreign Language Institute is a place where you can learn not only Japanese language but also about the culture

Fukuoka has a lot of delicious food. I was happy to study and participate in many interesting events with friends from various countries in Aiwa.
I also had a good time when studying at Aiwa School and doing part-time Job in Fukuoka. I am able to use my Japanese ability to learn more about Japanese culture and Japanese work environment.

Picture of the alumni

Siddik Adi Wijaya

From Indonesia

I had a good time in Aiwa School because the teachers always guide us with kindness and also we had friends with different interesting characters.

The study environment in Aiwa is wonderful. The teacher is very kind and will help you when you are in trouble.
Learning Japanese became fun and easy. I was very happy to get used to friends and people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Destination universities, schools, and companies of Aiwa Graduates

Destination universities and schools

【 Universities and Junior Colleges 】
Kyushu University / Kyushu Sangyo University / Kyoto Institute of Information Science / Chikushi Jogakuen University / Nihon Keizai University / Kyushu Information University / Yamanashi Gakuin University / Umeko Gakuin University / Graduate School of Ritsumeikan University / Fukuoka Jogakuin University / Sojo University / Graduate School of Kanazawa University / Tokyo Welfare University / Aisen Orio Junior College
【 Vocational Schools 】
International Animation College / Fukuoka International Communication College / Chiba Mode Business College / Nagoya Nursing Care Business College / Computer Education College / Fukuoka National Land Construction College / Ohara Automotive and Sports College / Aso Information Business College / Tokyo Timber Business College / Tokyo Multimedia College / Automotive College of Kyushu Institute of Technology / Daiichi Automotive College / Nishinihon Academy Aviation College / Kyushu Eishu Gakkan / Fukuoka Culinary, Confectionary, and Cooking College / Japanese Digital Vocational School / Fukuoka Design and Communication College

Destination Companies

【 ※Employment requirements: Graduated from 4-year program in university and under 30 years old 】
Shuwa Co., Ltd. / Hotel Nikko Co., Ltd. /AMICUS Co., Ltd. / Time Logistics Co., Ltd. / Renault Fukuoka / Richmond Hotel Fukuoka / Sakura International Academy / Computer Education Academy / Aozora no Kaze Resort Hills / KGP Hotels & Resorts / Northern Kyushu Commodity Cooperation / Kumonos Corporation (3D surveying) / Technopro Corporation / Asukaen / Hilton Narita / Vintage Japan / Royal Hotel Noto / Green Hotel / Footbank / Isetan Mitsukoshi Human Solutions / Nippon Express / Musashino / Job Palais / Solest Takachiho Hotel / Nissan Prince Kanagawa / Nankai Motors / Senariya Co., Ltd. / IBM Japan / Solution Co., Ltd. / SEIJO Co., Ltd. / Next Foods / NIPS (AJIS Group) / Japan Remit Finance / Nikos Co., Ltd. / Oga Pharmacy