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Aiwa Language Institute


Study fee

Study fee for the Preparatory Course

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First-year Second-year
April intake July intake October intake
Application fee ¥ 25,000 ¥ 0 ¥ 0 ¥ 0
Enrollment fee ¥ 51,250 ¥ 0 ¥ 0 ¥ 0
Tuition fee ¥ 516,600 ¥ 516,600 ¥ 387,450 ¥ 258,300
Teaching materials and facilities ¥ 123,000 ¥ 123,000 ¥ 92,250 ¥ 61,500
Insurance ¥ 3,500 ¥ 3,500 ¥ 3,500 ¥ 3,500
Activity cost ¥ 5,650 ¥ 0 ¥ 0 ¥ 0
Subtotal ¥ 725,000 ¥ 643,100 ¥ 483,200 ¥ 323,300
Total fee for 2 years - ¥ 1,368,100 ¥ 1,208,200 ¥ 1,048,300

※All prices include tax.
※Expenses for insurance may change in the future.
※After completing all of the citizen registration, you need to pay for National Health Insurance for about ¥18,000 per year.

Study fee for the General Course

Enrollment fee ¥ 25,000
Tuition fee ¥ 42,000

※Enrollment fee includes textbook fees, visit and other activities costs.
※In the case of long holiday, tuition fee will be discounted in month when the number of school days is small.
※Please pay the enrollment fee and the first month’s tuition fee at the time of enrollment.

Student Dormitory

Dormitory photo
Dormitory photo Dormitory photo Dormitory photo Dormitory photo

Aiwa Institute of Foreign Language has prepared student dormitories so that students will be able to study Japanese in a worry-free manner and fun.
Aiwa Foreign Language School’s dormitories are divided into apartments (Type A) and Aiwa House (Type B, Type C).
The apartment type is like other apartment generally. As for Aiwa House, there are two dormitories, male dormitory and female dormitory. There are some shared washing machines and shower rooms in the dormitory buildings. Each room is equipped with refrigerator, chair, desk, air conditioner, curtain, electricity and gas stove that you can use freely. You have to clean the room by yourself. Though, if any of those machines in the room breaks down or there is something wrong, you can contact the school. School staff will immediately respond to help you to manage any of those troubles.
It takes only about 5 to 10 minutes by bicycle from any of those student dormitories to Aiwa Foreign Language School.
For Muslim students, there are masjid and halal food shop/restaurant nearby. There are also cheap supermarkets and groceries near the dormitories. So, it’s very convenient for students.

Rent cost for student dormitories

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Type of dormitory Apartment Type
(Private Bathroom)
Dormitory Type
(Shared Bathroom)
Type 1Single Type 2Double Type 3Single Type 4Double
Entrance Fee ¥ 50,000 ¥ 30,000 ¥ 30,000 ¥ 30,000
Facility Fee ¥ 50,000 ¥ 30,000 ¥ 30,000 ¥ 20,000
Fire insurance ¥ 15,000 ¥ 8,000 ¥ 15,000 ¥ 8,000
Common Service Fee ¥ 0 ¥ 0 ¥ 6,000 ¥ 6,000
(water, electricity, gas)
Self-Pay Self-Pay Self-Pay Self-Pay
6-Months Rent ¥ 270,000 ¥ 150,000 ¥ 174,000 ¥ 114,000
Futon Set ¥ 7,000 ¥ 7,000 ¥ 7,000 ¥ 7,000
Total ¥ 392,000 ¥ 225,000 ¥ 262,000 ¥ 185,000


①If you are staying in our school accommodation, you need to pay the above “Advance Payment” fees by the appointed date prior to entering Japan.
②If you leave the apartment during the contract period (6-month basis), all the above fees will not be refunded.
③The following items are equipped in each room: (Washing machines are shared for Type 3 and 4.) desk, chair, electric lights, curtains, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, gas/electric stove, free Internet access
④You can renew the contract after 6 months, and you pay only Common Service Fee and 6-Month Rent after renewal.

Basic equipment available

Air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, stove, free internet (LAN cable needed)

※Electricity, gas and water charges are not included


Wifi set ¥3,000

※If you able to manage to live with a relative or friend in Japan, applying for school dormitory is not obligatory.

Student support

1. Pick up from the airport

Are you first time going to Japan, or even first time going abroad? Nothing to worry! Aiwa school staff will meet and pick you up as soon as you arrive at Fukuoka Airport and take you directly to school and then to your designated residence, all for free.

2. Introduction with senior/second-year students

An exchange meeting with second-year students will be held at the opening program ceremony. Second-year students have at least 1-year experience in Japan and can help you to handle any first-year problems.

3. Rule and manner lecture

There may be differences between foreign and Japanese cultures, firstly, let’s learn about Japanese rule and manners. Lectures will be given not only by the school staff, but also by external specialist from the ward office and also from the police. Knowing about the rule and manner thoroughly will prevent and protect you from troubles during your stay in Japan.

4. Regarding about hospital and response for accident

School staff will immediately response if there is any illness or accident that occurs to student in Japan.

Flow of admission process

Application and examination process


An examination and an interview will be conducted after applicant submitting all of the application’s paper-work to Aiwa Institute of Foreign Languages. There will passed-failed announcement that will follow.
For April intake: September to October of previous year
For July intake: December to January
For October intake: March to April

Application documents preparation for immigration


Applicants who passed the STEP.1 process then have to prepare and submit the application documents for immigration. After the documents checking processes finish, school will submit the documents to the immigration and the Certificate of Eligibility will be issued.
For April intake: until the end of November
For July intake: until the end of February
For October intake: until the end of May

Admission procedures


Admission procedures will be conducted as soon as the Certificate of Eligibility has successfully issued. The original Certificate of Eligibility will be sent after the payment of the tuition fee and the dormitory fee are completed.
For April intake: until the end of February
For July intake: until the end of May
For October intake: until the end of August

Entering Japan


Once you have received the student visa, you are allowed to come to Japan. The opening program ceremony will be held at Aiwa Foreign Language School, after all the new students came to Japan.
For April intake: middle of April
For July intake: middle of July
For October intake: middle of October