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Aiwa Language Institute


About Aiwa Language Institute

Aiwa Language Institute is a Japanese language school established in Fukuoka with the educational philosophy that students can learn foreign languages easily and efficiently in recognition of international mutual understanding.

In the class, students are taught not only by language acquisition, but also by education that emphasizes the operational aspect and promotes the further development of each individual.

The origin of studying language is communication, and we aim to create an environment where we can effectively learn language as a policy of Aiwa Language Institute, aiming at a fun and easy-to-understand Japanese language education.

The Educational Philosophy of Aiwa Language Institute

A source of trust is compassion and deep understanding for students.
It is the Word that connects people to people.
The bridge between students and teachers is the heart.

Image of education philosophy

Educational policy of Aiwa Language Institute

Aiwa Language Institute has its own curriculum and teaching methods, and it supports not only Chinese students but also non-Chinese-speaking students.
The Japanese language learning curriculum at Aiwa Language Institute is designed not only for learning in the classroom, but also for learning the knowledge and skills that will be useful in the future through community activities, social tours and exchange meetings.

School information

School information
Student Capacity 442 (2 systems)
Study period 2 years, 1 year 9 months, 1 year 6 months
Study time Monday to Friday, 20 hours per week, 780 hours per year
October 1988 Japanese language school started
October 1991 Aiwa Gakuen Limited Company Aiwa Language School
December 2016 Aiwa Gakuen School Corporation Aiwa Language Institute

Representative greeting

Greetings from the head of the school

For a life as who you are

I appreciate you to have an interest in Aiwa Language Institute.
Since 1991, Aiwa Language Institute has been teaching Japanese to international students from abroad. Students from China, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia ... and from countries are studying at our school. It became a school where students are coming from all over the world.
It's a small Earth-like school.

We believe that learning in the classroom has limitations.
People are motivated to learn when they are interested and want to learn on their own. It is called self-learning. That self-learning will lead to independence. We believe when people achieved to learn independently, education for them will transform from merely school-based knowledge into something that are useful and applicable for their life.
It is important not only to attend the class, but also to be excited to grow by utilizing what we have actually learned.

We proudly have been conducting such education and have produced many graduates. They are all our school’s treasures.

We concern in conducting education that are specially match for your life. Only the pathway that you decided on your own will bring you a joyful life. We believe there are a lot of potential in you.
Let’s hone your potential at Aiwa Institute of Foreign Languages.

Photo of Director

DirectorDaisuke Abe

Greeting from President of Aiwa Group

Let’s take a step in Japan with Aiwa!

Aiwa Language Institute is an educational institution that allows you through Japanese to succeed in the future.
In Aiwa Group, we have schools (Aiwa Language Institute, International Animation College and Kyushu Business College) and real estate company. With us, you can learn Japanese first before you take further step to apply to universities in Japan (we also able to offer recommendation for this matter), or you can apply to any colleges/vocational schools within Aiwa Group, another option we also able to help you apply to many other vocational schools around Japan.

In addition, Japanese companies are seeking for more foreign talents recently.
Nowadays Japanese stance in the acceptance of foreigners has shifted to a positive attitude. Now, as a foreigner you have the opportunity to get a job in Japan, and even if you return to your home country, you will find it advantageous to work for a Japanese company based on your Japanese Language ability.
So, what do you waiting for?! Let’s take the first steps together in Japan!

Photo of President

PresidentKoji Abe

Events and Activities

Tour to the Public Facility


During the tour to the public facility, all students went to the Disaster Prevention Center. We learned from the firefighters what to do if disaster like fire or earthquake occurs. We never know when and where the disaster will occur. So, it is important for student to learn about what they have to do if disaster occurs. We learned this important matter in a fun way. It was a great opportunity for students since this kind of learning rarely conducted outside Japan.

Social Gathering


We all went to Huis Ten Bosch, one of the most popular tour destinations in Japan, on the day of the social gathering. We enjoyed taking pictures in this very beautiful place. We all had lunch together and took a group photo at the end. While returning to school by bus, many students said, “I want to come to this place again”. It was a wonderful experience for us.

Self-check / Self-evaluation

Based on the amendment of the School Education Act and the Enforcement Regulations of the Act in 2007, Aiwa School also conducts a self-check and self-evaluation based on the school evaluation system.